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Animal Testing in the Pet Food Industry: Which Brands Can You Trust?

On the surface, the subject of pet food animal testing sounds silly because we would all want pet food tested before feeding it to our pets. And the idea of cats & dogs testing food doesn’t sound a bit cruel. But in the case of pet food, the testing is not what is cruel. The problem is how these tests are done. In many cases test dogs and cats are held in captivity in laboratory cages for their entire lives. It’s hypocritical to subject other dogs and cats to captivity for the sake of our pets.

Open Farm Review: Ethically Raised & Sourced Pet Food

One of the things I struggled with as a vegetarian was whether I should put my dog on a vegetarian diet to go along with my ethical choices. I researched this a lot and the opinions are so varied that I could never make a decision. There are people who claim that their dogs thrived on a vegan/vegetarian diet, and there are others who call it unnatural because a dogs’ natural instinct is to eat meat.