daysoft Review: Contact Lenses NOT Tested on Animals

This review is purely informational and based on my personal experience with daysoft contact lenses. It is not a push to convince you to change your contact lens brand. Although my experience with daysoft has been positive, it is no guarantee that your experience will be positive as well. Please talk to your eye doctor before switching contact lenses.

Let me start this review by saying that daysoft does not have a particular stance on animal testing. They do not test on animals because the regulating authorities of the UK did not require it. Should the regulators ever require it, daysoft will have no choice but to abide. See their email here:

The materials used to make daysoft lenses are not of animal origin and the lenses we supply are not tested on animals.

Contact lenses are medical devices, and as such they must be approved by the relevant regulatory authorities before they can be sold. When we applied for approval, the regulatory body accepted that the safety profile of the materials was already well established and therefore we were not required to test the lenses on animals.

It is important to note that it is the regulatory authorities that have the final say before a product is approved and a company cannot independently decide on what tests are required.

That is not great news, but unfortunately, we have a long way to go with animal testing of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. All the big brand contact lens manufacturers test on animals, and we have to work with what we are given. Hopefully, daysoft is able to continue production without animal testing for the long run.

If you are curious if your contact lenses are tested on animals, read my post on caring for your eyes the cruelty-free way.

Is daysoft really cheaper than other contact lens brands?

The most important question after animal testing… how will this affect my pocket?! Well, sorry, but I can’t answer that! That is because I’ve never paid full price for contact lenses, but I can give you an idea. I’ve always bought my Acuvue bi-weekly contact lenses (what I used before daysoft) from Costco. What you read below will be strictly Costco vs daysoft daily disposable pricing.

daysoft pricing is very straight forward. What you see on their website is exactly what you get. There are no extra fees (aside from shipping), and no taxes.

I ordered a 3-month supply for $54.48. The break down is $47.94 for the lenses, and $6.54 for standard shipping. That equals to $217.92 per year and that is all you’ll ever spend. You won’t need contact lens solution since these are daily disposable contacts, but you may want to keep an emergency bottle.

At Costco, I paid $126 for a year supply of Acuvue bi-weekly lenses. So, aside from the animal testing, why did I decide to switch? Here’s why…

  • The cost of $126 does not include sales tax. Sales tax in South Florida is 7%. The price with sales tax for me would be $147.66.
  • Add to that the cost of the annual Costco membership which is $45. We are now up to $192.66. The annual membership fee may be meaningless to you if you are a bulk shopper. But I live alone and have no need to buy in bulk. I was only keeping my membership for cheap contact lenses.
  • Don’t forget the cost of contact lens solution, which is at least $9 – $12 every 2 – 3 months. Assuming $9 every 3 months, the full cost of a year supply of bi-weekly contact lenses is about $228.66.

So, about the same… but, remember that I am comparing the cost of daysoft daily disposables, vs Acuvue bi-weeklies from Costco. I imagine that the savings would be much more if you use dailies and buy from regular retailers or from your doctor.

However, and this is a big HOWEVER. Think about how much better it is for your eye health and vision to wear dailies vs other extended wear lenses. And, be honest with yourself, how strict are you at changing your lenses after the wear period? I would sometimes wear my bi-weeklies for a month. Don’t tell my mom.

Even if the price is similar after adding everything up, the health of your eyes, is definitely worth the change. Or at least a try.

Are daysoft contact lenses comfortable?

Visually inspecting them, I am definite that daysoft lenses are bigger in diameter. I can’t say for sure because I no longer have my Acuvue lenses to compare, but I am 99% sure.

Initially I was put off by them because of the size. I thought that I would feel them in my eyes but I honestly don’t. I don’t feel any difference between daysoft and Acuvue.

The only difference, and this is due to the extended wear, is that my Acuvue lenses would feel dry after 7 days or so of wear. I could not keep them on an entire day (but yet I still over wore them, lol). I suppose that the same would happen with daysoft lenses if they were extended wear lenses. But it’s nice to be able to wear my lenses all day; I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth.

How long does it take to ship and receive daysoft lenses?

I ordered my lenses on a Tuesday, and received a shipping confirmation the next morning. Tracking is not available if you select standard mail (Royal mail).

The daysoft website says standard shipping will take 10-14 business days. That’s anywhere from 2-3 weeks. I received my lenses 2 Saturdays later. That’s 8 business days plus Saturday. It’s possible that I received them on Friday but I didn’t check the mail that day! Still, it’s rather fast for a package that’s coming from Europe.

I don’t think that the price of expedited shipping is worth it. Expedited shipping, with tracking, for a 3-month supply costs $12, and takes 7-10 business days.

How to order daysoft contact lenses

If you’ve ever ordered anything online, then you can order daysoft lenses. It’s just like any online store.

The requirements say that you must have a current prescription from a doctor before ordering. They make it seem as if they verify this somehow. They don’t. Pretty much, they just take your word for it.

This is the one thing that upset me. By not verifying this info, they’re giving you the go ahead to not visit your eye doctor annually. They should at least ask for a copy of the prescription. Yes, we are adults and the responsibility ultimately lies with us. But let’s admit that most of us would skip doctor visits if we were able to fulfill our prescriptions without follow-up visits.

That been said, you SHOULD have a current prescription, and you should talk to your eye doctor before switching!

How are daysoft contact lenses packaged?

Daysoft Contact Lenses Packaging

Daysoft Contact Lenses Front

The packaging is very compact, which is probably why they are able to ship so inexpensively. The image above is a 3-month supply and includes 2 boxes of 96 single lenses. They are magicians at stuffing those tiny boxes.

Daysoft Contact Lenses - Back

Each box has 6 cartridges of 16 lenses, with a perforation on each row for easy removal. This is very handy if you need to store some back up lenses in your handbag or work desk. The image here shows 3 rows. That’s because I already used 1 row.

The back of the box shows you the prescription of the lenses, which is helpful if each eye is different.

Have you tried daysoft lenses? Help others decide by sharing your experience in the comments!

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  • Houston Wong
    August 19, 2017

    I love daysoft! I have used it for several months and they are comfortable and affordable!

  • Jhon
    April 22, 2017

    Thanks for the review!

    • Tammy @ GFV
      April 22, 2017

      You’re welcome! Thanks for reading 🙂