Giraffes Are Going Extinct: Here’s How YOU Can Help Save Them

Just recently, the world was shocked to find out that giraffes are silently going extinct. The world’s tallest animals have faced a 38% population decline right under our noses, and no one noticed.

30 years ago, there were approximately 157,000 giraffes in the wild. Today, there are about 97,500 giraffes. Because of this population drop the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) moved the giraffe from “least concern” to “vulnerable” in their red list of threatened species.

To put it into perspective, the African Elephant was moved from “endangered” to “vulnerable” in 2004, and their current population is 415,000.

The large drop in population was caused by several factors: illegal hunting, civil wars, population growth, and habitat loss due to deforestation and farming.

If you say you love animals, by all means don’t just sit there and feel bad. DO SOMETHING. You can donate whatever you can without breaking the bank, you can sign petitions, you can even donate your jeans!

I know that we can’t all go to Africa and volunteer, and we can’t all donate hundreds or thousands. But every little bit counts.

Here I’ve gathered a list of wildlife organizations, causes, and petitions that you can support to help save giraffes from extinction.

I’ve signed all the petitions myself, and I plan to donate in the near future.

Donate to wildlife foundations

African Wildlife Foundation

World Wildlife Foundation

Wildlife Conservation Society

Donate to giraffe specific foundations & causes

Giraffe Conservation Foundation

Reticulated Giraffe Project

Rothschild’s Giraffe Project

Wild Nature Institute

The Wild Nature Institute advocates for other wild animals, and run the world’s largest giraffe ecology research program. The program partners with conservationists and local people to reduce wildlife poaching.

Care for Karamoja

Jeans for Giraffes

Jeans for Giraffes is run by the Giraffe Alliance. It’s a very fun and free initiative that takes donated jeans and ships them to a denim recycler. The recycler pays by the pound and any funds raised goes to giraffe conservation programs in Africa.

The downside is that you can’t simply mail your jeans to them. You’d have to find out when and where they’re having the next drive to take your jeans.

Sign petitions

Force Change Petitions

Save Giraffes from Extinction

Stop Hunting Giraffes for Sport

Care2 Petitions

IUCN: Save Giraffes from Extinction!

Protect Gentle Giraffes from “Silent Extinction” in Africa

Stop Trophy Hunting Giraffes

Save This Rare Giraffe Subspecies in Central Africa From This Terrible Tale – If you only sign one petition from this post, please let it be this one. Poachers are killing these rare giraffes just for their tails! The tails are used as a fly whisk (really!!) or as a gift to the brides father before marriage 🙁

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