5 Animal Petitions That Need YOUR Action

Petitions are a great way to make your voice heard, and an even better way to give the voiceless a voice. That’s why every 2 weeks I select 5 animal petitions that need our help to reach the finish line.

All petitions are from either Moveon.org, Change.org, or Care2.com. These are legitimate websites that won’t sell your information to spammers.


Enact legislation to protect farm animals from abuse

… Farm animals are excluded under the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) and from most state animal cruelty laws. Thus, the vast majority of the ten billion farm animals raised and killed annually in the U.S. for food are first subjected to a number of abuses that would be illegal if inflicted on a dog or cat. I am asking that the federal government enact legislation to protect the animals raised in the U.S. for food…


Stop YouTube and Google from accepting videos of animal cruelty

TV and newspapers have been recently highlighting the seemingly growing, sickening trend of trend of images of people deliberately inflicting cruelty on animals. These individuals seem to think it amusing to record and post the crime of defenseless animals being hurt, tortured and sometimes killed for their own amusement. YouTube and others in power have as of yet done nothing efficient to prevent this so it is necessary to withdraw these images, and put restrictions and penalties and immediately take measures to permanently put a stop to this sickening endorsement of animal cruelty.

There are no age restrictions to protect even young children from viewing these videos, which have distasteful titles such as “Woman kills cat by stepping on it with high heels” and “How to microwave your dog”…


Please help to rescue an abused elephant named Nosey

Nosey the elephant needs our help. She is showing signs of arthritis, but still forced to stay on the road giving rides to people despite evidence that she’s suffering! A veterinarian even says that Nosey “is unnecessarily suffering, permanently disabled, crippled, and is knowingly being maimed.” Please tell the USDA to act to rescue Nosey from her abuse life of captivity and urge your members of Congress to pressure the USDA to do its job!

The USDA has cited Nosey’s owner, Hugo Liebel, for nearly 200 animal-welfare violations, and he was ordered to pay a $7,500 penalty following nearly three dozen charges of violations of the Animal Welfare Act…


Mass Killing of 45,000 Wild Horses Recommended – Tell Congress and the Administration NO!

The mass killing of 45,000 wild horses and burros could become reality if the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has its way.

On September 9, 2016 the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board recommended killing of captured wild horses and burros as an “emergency” measure. The agency wants to clear the holding pens so that it can round up 40,000 more wild horses and burros from their homes on the range…


Vietnam: Make It Illegal to Torture an Animal

A video posted on Facebook on 2/20/2015, shows a group of young Vietnamese scooter riders torturing and killing a defenseless dog that was just sitting by the side of the road when they set upon him for sport.

Their ruthless kicking and flailing of the animal who cries out it in suffering and pain, though does not move to defend himself, is as disgusting and heartbreaking as it gets. Not satisfied with the animals’ torture, they use their motorcycles to end his life, laughing all the while…


There are so many animals in need that it is incredibly hard to pick only 5. I urge you to please go through each website and sign any petitions that touch your heart. I myself signed all these petitions plus about 10 more. My guideline to stop is when I’m about to burst into tears 🙂

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